products and workshops

Lesa's Artistry

chakra suncatcher

Lesa and Jay's hand-crafted  therapeutic jewelry, dreamcatchers, chakra suncatchers, surf signs, therapeutic rice bags, Reiki pendulums and more...

Jay's Miniature Figurines

warhammer figurines

Hand-painted metal and plastic figurines from the following realms:

Warhammer, 40K, Hobbit, Warmachine, Hordes

Out-of-Print models available for sale


Contact Jay Stempin for details, pricing, or any questions. Pictures of fully painted figurines available to view

email or text:; (262) 515 9005

Writing Den

Creative Writing Workshops

Enhance your writing skills

Collaborate with fellow writers

See EVENTS section for up-coming writing workshops

Contact Jay Stempin for details: 

(262) 515 9005  or

Custom-Made Birthday Stories

Customized birthday stories.

Jay creates customized birthday stories for your friends and loved ones  with personalized images. Jay has a collection of pictures to choose from, or you can send Jay images and Jay will create a truly customized birthday story, a birthday gift for you to share with friends and family.

Story length can vary from a few paragraphs to up to 1500 words, approximately six or seven pages.

SURF Inspired Art

Surf and sea signs with wilmington shells.