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Colorful, imaginative birthday stories include images to add power and intrigue to a story. 

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Birthday Story Jonsun



December 2017

Dear Jonsun,

A birthday greeting is in order, and, since you may not be expecting this letter, figured I’d order up a birthday story for you, Brother Buffalo Man. One more tidbit: for cash-related gifts, you’ll have to check in with dear ole Mom. If it’ll make you feel better, you can deposit this letter in a safe deposit box or something…or possibly try your hand at hand-made paper airplanes or origami dragons and toadstools. The choices are limitless. That’s what my gift brings: infinite possibilities.

Buddha turned the corner in a wet-walled cave and raised his torch high, scaring a few bats from their day spa stalactites. He tucked his peach shirt into his baggy khaki trousers and lifted them a bit to keep his pant legs from drooping all over his sandals.

Jonsun, sitting in youthful contemplation on a pillow carved of stone along a cave ridge, one that overlooked a dark pond, jumped up and waved. 

“Hi there. How’s it going? I was hoping I’d find you here. Just following my intuition.”

“All the way into a cave? You’ve a hearty soul, friend,” Buddha said in a slick tone. Sixteen-year-old Buddha glanced out from behind his torch, “Well, dear friend, your big day’s almost here, eh.”  

“I’m getting a little excited,” Jonsun said making his way across a tumbled bit of jagged rocks. “How’d you know it was almost my birthday?” 

He stood in front of Buddha, doing his best to refrain from hopping up and down. Buddha was way better than meeting St. Nicholas.

Buddha had big round pecan-colored eyes. A very full, rosy face, a little heavy on the cheekbone. Probably because of his big-boned spirit and constant cheery disposition of living in the moment. 

He set his torch in an iron basket on the cave wall, threw a wool cloak over his shoulders and clasped it around his neck with a golden-leafed sunflower pendant. Buddha looked at his reflection in a puddle and padded his cheeks.

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Birthday Story Howella


April 2018

Dear Howella,

     The winds blew across the sandy beach on a starlit night. A small gathering of clouds were busy bumping hips on the horizon. Mr. Bluesky Angelson stepped into a shard of moonlight, baggy white pajamas billowing in the breezes. Some called him a light worker. Others called him a peaceful mover and shaker. Still others thought of him as a silent energy savant. In truth he was none of those things. And everything.

He popped open his hemp suitcase sitting on a sheet of shale and rifled through some underwear, t-shirts, and a well-folded cloak of scarlet. He pulled out a long eagle feather and ran his fingers across its silky edge.

This was his first day as a pre-angeler. A Freshman in Heaven—such a joy. But he had to work at it. His true joy of the day: greeting Howella.

“Let’s see, let’s see.” He tapped the eagle feather-tip to his temple and scrolled through his psychic queue. “Ah yes, there she is, my first assignment: Howella. Nice name.”

Further down the lane of this sandy ocean beach, strolled Howella. She made her way to a castle on the beach, one of her favorite places of reflection, and stared up at its grand infinite design.

“Yes, can I help you,” called out a youthful voice from high up on the balcony of the stone castle. It was a young maiden peering down at Howella.

That’s odd, thought Howella. She thought the castle was vacant. In any event, she smiled and waved at the maiden. 

“Are you open?” was all she could think to say. She had come to this castle by the sea many times but it was always boarded up. Closed. Now it appeared to be populated with residents. At least one anyway.

“As long as there’re stars in the sky,” said the maiden. “But I’ll need to see some identification.”

Howella reached for her purse and held up her Driver’s License. Will this work?

“Not that kind of I. D. What angel brought you here?” The maiden’s tone was soft and welcoming.

Out of thin air, a tall man dressed as the blue sky appeared at her side. She felt her heart racing as she watched him reach into the folds of his robe and pull out a scroll. 

“This is Howella.” 

He exchanged a glance with Howella, as if seeking confirmation. “And it’s her birthday.” He smiled like a sunrise.

The maiden in the tower smiled. So did Howella.

“And your purpose?” said the maiden.

Howella shrugged. “A little tea, maybe” she said to Mr. Bluesky. He smelled like honey and rose petals.

“She’s a Freshman,” said Bluesky, “As am I…but she’s a mortal seeking longevity and peace. I’m here to guide her along the way.”

Howella smirked and gazed into the man’s green eyes glittering like gemstones....

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Birthday Story Sandy


Dear Sandy,

The crisp afternoon sky, dressed in a streaky blue and white cape, gave Sandy a moment to pause and reflect on the infinity of the sky. Today was a special day for her; a birthday was born and it offered new visions and a way to feel fulfilled with her life purpose…and what better way to explore her birth name, Sandy, than here, on the storied page. 

Winter, thank heavens, was long gone, and the summer season—in full swing—reminded Sandy to keep her thoughts warm, sunny, and bright. 

Something flitted by her window, a creamy blur of orange-yellow light. There and gone in a flash, leaving an electric-slashed imprint in her memory. 

She blinked and shaded her eyes with a hand. From a nearby flowerbed a stream of color corkscrewed through the air and disappeared into a bed of daisies.

What was going on?

Curiosity stoked the coals of her heart and urged Sandy into motion. She set her jade mug of coffee, a fresh-roasted dark Guatemalan blend, onto a table and made her way into the grass.

She squatted near a thriving assortment of purple wildflowers and daisies—the same spot she had seen that band of light—and inspected the colorful area. Sandy pushed aside a creamy blue lilac streaked in dark purple veins.

Something was wiggling in the grass and Sandy pulled back her hand with a snap.

“Hi there,” called out a tiny, sweet voice from the flowers. “Love those blue jeans, Sandy.”

Sandy, startled, sat back on her heels and gazed into the flowers. There, on a white daisy petal, sat a tiny winged being. A faerie.

The fae, dressed in a skirt and top made of leaves and vines, sat up and wrapped arms around her knees. Her hair, like silk, was beaded in turquoise and carnelian chips. She fanned out one translucent wing with wild and wavy markings of magenta and lime—like a sketch crafted by a youthful Picasso....

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