Good vibrations

Healing Rhythm Drum Circles

 A variety of instruments are available to foster PLAY time creating intuitive music and good vibrations that can spread out over our communities.  Each participant receives individualized  healing from the music if desired. Blessed intentions for peace and harmony are created and allowed to ripple outward for our Earth and fellow beings. Dancing & singing allowed ! 

Appropriate for all ages and families. No experience is needed.

The intention is to use the music as another healing tool and way to connect people.


Watch for upcoming events at Wrightsville BEACH too!

Meditative Sound Baths in Wilmington

BATHE in the SOUND of healing tones as  a variety of instruments are played along with Tibetan singing bowls. We place the bowls on the body for a deeper connection to the vibrations that help release and restore energy.  Native American drum beats promote depth and grounding.

Participants can sit in a chair or lay on the floor. The session starts with Guided meditation and ends with reflection time.

Cost is $20 for Meditative Sound Baths in Wilmington