OMG ! Lesa Stempin


~ is an awesome teacher. If you would like a beautiful synergistic way to improve your connections both with true self & the earth around you, this is it!

Even if you have tried yoga in the past and didn't like it or it was so-so (like me)...
Lesa's spirit and grasp of gentle yet powerful yoga will reconnect you to your core & just like me, I am sure you will love her peaceful meditations!     Nakiva


Lesa first of all is very well informed

 and practices what she preaches. I have been a challenge to her and she has met the challenge. Knees are my problem areas and she has always worked with me to keep them moving without pain. Her classes are very individual and on track. Meditations are great. Please TRY THE DRUMMING SESSIONS AND YOGA HIKES...YOU'LL LOVE THEM TOO.         Joyce    

Tai Chi....I have never done

any type of martial arts. And  I'm not one who exercises. As many years as I have been on the planet flexibly or balance is not my strong suit!

Jay takes you from learning how to be single weighted (balance yourself on one foot) to actually doing this. I had issues with my right knee. Tai Chi has corrected the issues and I HAVE BALANCE and stronger legs and body core. These are just a couple of physical improvements. The AMAZING part is that I did this in just 6 lessons. Just wait, after a year I should have the flexibility of a 45 yr old. 

THANK YOU Jay for all the love 

you share with us as well.

I Am Pat Z.


Lesa is a breath of fresh air

   for the soul. My granddaughter and I have taken yoga classes with her and enjoyed it very much. Four of my grandchildren (ranging in age from 25 to 15) and many friends have participated in her full moon drum circles on the beach. We have also enjoyed sound baths with Lesa. If you have never been to a drum circle or sound bath it is a must for your bucket list !!! As a Reiki student, Lesa was one of our best. Thanks Lesa for all you do.     Jane


Lesa's approach to yoga is profound,

 gentle and insightful. After my 1st session of Phoenix Rising my body felt open and my consciousness to this day still reverberates with the mantra she helped me discover: "I reside in my foundation of creative power".     Oren    

T'ai Chi with Jay Stempin


has been a wonderful experience for me and my stepson.  Jay has a unique gift in his teaching style, blending gentle physical movements with the energy of his healing and meditative presence.  I appreciate his willingness to share his years of experience with this ancient art and practice. I highly recommend Jay's class to anyone who is interested in T'ai Chi, the benfits truly resonate into every aspect of life.

~Roger Lockshier, Shamanic Practitioner

They tell me love is the road to enlightenment

  If this is true then I found a quaint little school at the base of this mountain road...with a very wise teacher. I stopped in, took some beginner yoga classes, which got me grounded to start co-creating with God. But you can't stop there! You have to take a Reiki session....it could blow your mind. In closing, I would like to say that I have learned a lot in the short time that Lesa worked with me...Thanks Lesa.    Ernest  

I would highly recommend Lesa

 for her healing sessions. Whether it be yoga, drum circles, Reiki or hikes out in nature, Lesa's background in nursing and intuitive healing greatly add to her sessions. I especially enjoy the yoga hikes, and how Lesa brings the energy from the earth to yoga. You will not be disappointed in any class you enroll in with Lesa. She is prepared and open to guidance from spirit!    Jenni P.

I really enjoy my Tai Chi classes

Jay is a great teacher, he is patient and extremely conscientious. I am becoming more centered and aware of how I move my body. Learning how to shift my weight and move my whole body in a more synchronized manner is definitely going to help my golf game. Thank you Jay for bringing Tai Chi to Wilmington.  Russ D.

I am a 62 year old woman with severe COPD

 I am on continuous oxygen around the clock. I did quit smoking 2 years ago after smoking for 47 years. I felt like my life was over and had terrible anxiety about what was happening to my body. I was very limited at what I could do. My girlfriend suggested chair yoga to help as it helped her tremendously. I then read Lesa's ad in the paper and called to see if she could come to the house. She was willing and it took me awhile to make up my mind but we got started. That is what is so unique about Lesa, she fits any situation and has tons of experience and knowledge about yoga and nursing the body. She is more than happy to teach and share her gifts with everyone. She has helped me bring back hope and peace. I am beginning to do more now and have more energy and breathe easier. We take little steps at a time and now I am happy once more. Peace.      Mary F.

For years I watched yoga on TV

 and said to myself I could never do that. I was wrong. I am a 63 -year-old male born with spina bifida. I have been on crutches since the age of 4. Thanks to Lesa  and her chair yoga instruction I am learning to do many of the things I have seen other yoga enthusiasts do over the years.
I am a relatively active retiree who works out three times a week and tries to do as much walking as I can. The chair yoga classes have enabled me to increase my stretching ability and my range of motion. This is important to me because over the years the crutches have taken their toll on my knees and in particular, my shoulders.
The other benefit I have achieved through the meditation/visualization segment of yoga is improved sleeping. I am a chronic insomniac but yoga has allowed me to increase my ability to relax and to lessen the effects of an overactive mind. I plan to remain studying with Lesa as I am always learning new things every time I meet with her. She is excellent in dealing with people with or without disabilities.               Les R.

I suffer from migraines

 and stress easily. I've tried different medications and treatments to help me relax but have found only mild help with traditional medicine. I've also tried other yoga instructors and although very good, they just didn't have the peace I found with Lesa and her methods. I can honestly say that I've never felt more relaxed than after the woods hike at Petrifying Spring Park. My body just melted with the quiet we enjoyed and the moves we did. Even before the hikes start, I'm already relaxed with how she sets up. Thank you, Lesa. I look forward to many more truly relaxing and enjoyable classes with you.   Kristin